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There’s a saying “a place for everything, and everything in its place."  Whether you are a wine connoisseur who needs extra space aside from your personal cellar to properly store wine, or you simply need a safe place to store your wine, Vino Divino can now provide you with a solution to this essential need by introducing The Cellar at Vino Divino.  

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Convenience is key—– Located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, at the corner of De La Vina and Mission Street.  Now you can access your collection for frequent pickup and/or delivery of your wine on demand and close by your home.

Secure & state of the art construction–— consisting of a professionally engineered facility that provides precise temperature and humidity control and is constantly monitored and maintained to optimize the storage of your wine.  The Cellar is also protected from any harmful UV lighting with minimal to zero natural light exposure.

6 to 12 Case Locker Format–— This exclusive facility displays a beautiful industrial aesthetic housing 45 full-sized lockers capable of storing up to 12 cases of wine, while also offering 18 half-sized lockers that are able to store up to 6 cases of wine.  We want you as the customer to optimize the amount of wine you store in your locker, and that is why we provide boxes that cater to not only storing your wine appropriately but also efficiently.

A Variety of Benefits–— The Cellar at Vino Divino not only strives to provide you the best possible storage facility to house your wine collection; we also provide storage guidance specifically catered to your needs.  This involves tips and advice on what varietals of wine are best to pair with certain meals along with guidance for the optimal time to drink each of your bottles.​

Your wine when you want it–— For those traveling, we offer concierge shipment and local delivery.  We are open 7 days a week.

12-6 mon-thurs and 12-7 Friday and 12-6 Sunday.

Storage Selection

12 Case / Monthly

32" Height x 32" Width x 30" Depth  Fits up to 12 cases of wine comfortably.  


12 Case / Yearly

32" Height x 32" Width x 30" Depth  Fits up to 12 cases of wine comfortably.  Best Value. 


6 Case / Monthly

32" Height x 16" Width x 30" Depth  Fits up to 6 cases of wine comfortably.  Best for Starters


6 Case / Yearly

32" Height x 16" Width x 30" Depth  Fits up to 6 cases of wine comfortably.  

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